Translations and roundups

Shameful Assault on A female Iraqi Reporter

Alaa Kamal
Iraq has turned out to be one of the most dangerous countries for a reporter. The state has decomposed after the American invasion and the security is a complete failure. Armed groups are everywhere making reporters an easy unprotected target to security of officials and guards of tribes' chiefs.
The center for defending freedom of journalists and MENAFN.COM mentioned that  Zahraa Falah Kazim AlMoussawy, presenter, was attacked in the center of Baghdad on 4/10/2009. The news was announced after a whole week on a local channel in a very short statement without mentioning her name or the reason of attack. An NGO working in the field of press freedoms denounced the attack and mentioned some details. Quoting " the presenter ,Zahraa Al Mussawy , was physically attacked from offenders in a 4x4 in Arsat area in the center of Baghdad, on 4/10/2009".
The offenders beat her severely and fled off. Zahraa declared to the Observatory of press freedoms that a sedan was following her before she was attacked by five people in a 4x4 coming from the wrong direction while the police witnessed the incident.
Zahraa assures it was a planned attack as the offenders had details of my schedule since I left my house. She added that they where took no precautions or shelter from the police that covered the area while attacking her , pointing that they were an carrying out some "official" task.

The Tunisian Regime : A Hooligan Ruling

Alaa Kamal
The Tunisian regime is one of the most violent and savage systems in the middle east and world wide in dealing with opponents, recklessly risking their lives and ruthlessly assaulting them.   
The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information, ANHRI, and Jossour , mentioned the assault against Hemma AlHemami, the secretary general of the Tunisian Communist party, in Tunisia airport on 29/9/2009 ,arriving from France with his wife the lawyer Radia AlNasrawy after he had had interviews with AlJazeera and France 24.

The assault from political police on AlHemami came as avenging his bitter criticism of the persecuting measures of Ben Ali's regime ever since the latter seized control on Tunisia 22 years ago.

AlHemami and others founded "18th October Freedom Commission" before the Tunisian Information Summit. This commission, under the slogan, "Hunger but No Submission", worked on disclosing the extremely repressive autocratic nature of Ben Ali's regime.
Jossour site quoted Radia AlNassrawi, activist and Hemma's wife " We have no right to express in Tunisia. When we criticize the regime in foreign media , we are physically assaulted, a common practice in Tunisia years ago making it unnecessary to imprison opponents".

Halayeb : A Sudanese Election Zone

Abdel Azim Mohamed
Today, Sudan decided to annex Halayeb border triangle, disputed upon with Egypt, an geographical zone for the public elections, the national and the loyalty councils'  next April.
Mokhtar Al Asam, chairman of the geographical zones committee in the elections commission, stated that this decision was a response to an appeal submitted from the east front ( a former rebel movement) and some MPs. He added that the commission accepted the appeal and considered all villages and areas of  Halayeb triangle a part of Halayeb Sudanese geographical zone. All inhabitants  will be considered as Sudanese citizens and will be registered in election lists.
The dispute dates back to the accord signed in 1899 that included Halayeb in the Egyptian borders. In 1902, the British government assigned the triangle to the Sudanese administration claiming that Halayeb is closer to Khartoum than it is to Cairo.
Halayeb overlooks the Red Sea , stretching to 21,000 sq. km and contains 3 major towns : Halyeb, Abu Ramad and Shlatien.
In 1922, Egypt protested Sudan giving oil exploration rights in Halayeb waters to a Canadian company. The company withdrew its offer and the dispute is still unresolved since then.

Morocco : Cartoon Brings Back Bullet years

Saeed Ben Jabali
0n 2/10/2009, tens of reporters and activists joined in a solidarity  stand at Akbar AlYoum newspaper organized by the national press union in Morocco. The gathering resented and expressed their worry about the decision of the Moroccan authority to put the newspaper assets under administrative seizure and to close down its office in Casa Blanca because of the cartoon about the wedding of Price Ismail , the King's nephew.
All supporting organizations refused the ministry of interior decision to close the newspaper office without delivering an official document to the owner that would enable an appeal at court. On the other hand, legal measures regarding newspapers are taken by the court or the prime minister not by the ministry of interior.
Younes Megahed , press union leader, declared that this decision of the home office "brings back Morocco to bullet years".
Ten policemen stand at the elevator of the eighth floor of Imane Center building aided by emergency forces to stop the staff from entering the paper's office. They were forced out of the office before circling it according to oral instructions to " put all newspaper assets under administrative seizure"  because of the cartoon published on 26- 27 September, 2009 about the wedding of the King's nephew.

Egyptian Bloggers refuse Security assaults on demonstrators supporting the Palestinian people and wonder what Obama has done to

Egyptian Bloggers refuse Security assaults on demonstrators supporting the Palestinian people and wonder what Obama has done to deserve Nobel
Ebtsam Ta'alab
The savageness of the IDF on the Arabs in Alaqsa Mosque during the last week , stirred a lot of anger and resentment in the Egyptian street and triggered demonstrations supporting Palestine. A lot of activists were arrested in those demonstrations.
Security acted stupidly as usual to inhibit demonstrations. Mohamed Marei , owner of the blog /, wrote about aborting the demonstration supporting of Palestine, planned to take place at Amr Ben AlAas mosque in Cairo on 9/10/2009.
Security used violence to disperse activists and demonstrators, attacked them inside the mosque and arrested the activist Emad Arab, Labor party member who was grabbed by an officer called Mohamed Othman and some informants. They all beat him up ruthlessly to force him into a police vehicle.
A photographer from Aldostor paper was arrested , Almehwar channel staff was assaulted, the tape recording the incident was seized by security. Police forces barged into the mosque with shoes on, assaulted the activists ,used dirty language and insulted them.

Algerian Reporters Dragged to Court

Alaa Kamal
All around the miserable Arab world, the state is against freedom of expression against any one who would disclose its autocratic practices and above all against criticism. Living that nightmare, all reporters and bloggers and anyone working in the field of information gathering and publishing is a rival ,a straight enemy  of the state and its security authorities that would not hesitate to act extremely violent if they cross the red lines as defined by the dominating state.
Two Algerian reporters are being tried this week, according to the blog of Khaled Bashar Walid,the reporter Hassan Abu Ras is tired in Beid city court accused of insult and libel by an MP. Hassan published a report  in Al Khabar newspaper about those MPs and how some of them managed to have a parliament seat under the dome ,or as Hassan wrote "under the dome of swallowing people's rights". The report was just facts known by many Algerians especially those who know the origins of the MPs "sleeping their life in the parliament seat". Hassan used his right to express and no one should be ashamed of his origin. However , those MPs believe they were born to be kings and lords , they get furious if criticized.
We only wish to learn about an investigation opened for all the violations and unjust measures taken against innocents instead of learning about the trial of the reporter because of doing his job. In his blog , Walid wrote " We support you Hassan , waiting for the new entry on list of trying innocents".

Sudanese Salvation Front Crimes - Shams AlDin Murder

Five Years ,Shams AlDin…Your wounds still hurt at us", a title for an article published on Sudanese on line . Quoting
" On 10/9/2004 , a pious young man was killed. He was on of the best members of the Islamic movement.
Shams AlDin Idris AlAmin  was arrested by security forces on 10/9/2004 in the morning. Shams Aldin is a Nilain Uni. Graduate , commerce school and he is the secretary general of the Islamic student movement in UmBeddah – Um Dorman.
In the evening of the same day , he was turned to his family ,dead. The medical report said it was food poisoning while Shams' body was drenched in his blood. Security requested immediate burial of the body but the family would not take in the body with such a death report.
After Autopsy, driven by the public congress party, the autopsy report revealed that the death was due to torture that led to fractures in the skull and all over his body.
The lies of the regime would not stop anyway. Ali Othman Mohamed Taha in a press conference was surrounded by questions about the murder of one of the leaders of the public congress party to which he answered , lying as ever ," in action reaction atmosphere , victims do fall for both parties."  
Shams Aldin was not the first victim , others preceded him such as Abu AlRish, Ahmed ALBashir and Abd ALRahman Mohieb. They were killed by security and the police would not let their families file communiqués to investigate their murders.   

Bahrain – Freedom of Expression from Bad to Worse

  Bahrain, like all other Arab countries, is going down the ramp regarding freedom of expression. It is going from bad to worse ; screening web site, arresting activists, assaulting political opponents and recently oppressing university students.
On Mohamed Al Othman blog ,we find that the university of Bahrain has issued a historical persecuting and unfair decision against Nour Hussein. The university decided to cancel the registration of  Nour for the second semester of the academic year (2008- 2009)  though she has scored high credits in all of them. the university accused her of distributing papers ridiculing the university and stirring the students against university regulations.
    Nour , 22 years old, head of student activities in Shabiba group, was one of the students who distributed the statement on students of Bahrain university on the 25/2/2009 , which is the Bahraini student day. The statement requested regulating the performance of the private universities and endorsing the national university. The statement warned of some policies that would make students leave to private universities which lack quality education.
  The university administration considered the statement as offensive and inciting to the students against the administration.

Syrian Human Rights Organization President Detained

Mohanad AlHasani, Syrian Human Rights Organization President "Sawasia" , lawyer and activist has been detained in the last week of July 2009. Mohanad is a lawyer since more than 15 years. He was one of the defense team of Demascus spring detainees in 2001. he was banned from travel in 2005 after he founded Sawasia.
He is one of the prominent defenders of prisoners of conscience and  one of the monitors of the standard fair trial. He contributed to many human rights conferences and international seminars before banning  him from travel. He also contributed to many conferences sponsored by Arab lawyers union.
He issued several law studies and supervised many monitoring studies about prison conditions, judiciary  independence , press freedom and education development.

Members of the Public Conference party Still detained

Abd AlAzim Mohamed Ahmed
In a statement issued yesterday  from the media secretariat of the Public Conference party led By hasan alturabi, it declared that it has been a year and a half since the some armed groups from Darfur made an attack on Khartoum on 10/5/2008, the government   launched a ferocious detention campaign on different Sudanese ethnic communities and illegally   targeting members of Public Conference party.
Eleven members were arrested from Khartoum and other states. The security services failed to provide a legal cover for their detention to extend their detention after 9 months' detention according to the exceptional law of the general public security .
The detainees were transferred to police guards force, and they were charged with fabricated charges  that were dropped by court in the first hearing. Security rearrested the whole group once more in court without paying any respect to the judiciary in a blatant violation of the constitution and all accords.
The security apparatus is desperately searching for some charge as an excuse for detaining those 11 people. Lately they were charged of being members of a resistance group in Darfur and of communicating with their group from prison.

Authorities Against Freedom Of Expression

The Saudi society is a typical closed theocratic model
It is unreceptive and even hostile to freedom of expression and opinion of any kind.
It is one of the societies that wage a crackdown war against blogging and bloggers sites. Starting from screening and banning to detaining bloggers for long periods.  In addition to screening all sites that the religious Saudi authority consider as dangerous to the Saudi society religious style. The Saudi authority will do anything to dominate this threatening technological source.
This week , the blog , Horeya of Raafat Al Ghanem, reports without borders, Joussour portal and the Iraqi bloggers league
Published the news of screening 2 twitter pages for the bloggers Khaled Ahmed AlNaser owner of the blog Mashi Sah, and Walid Abu Alkheir , lawyer and human rights activist and manager of the human rights watch in Saudi.
The reason of the screening is the previous blames addressed to both activists; Khlaed AlNaser published critical posts about human rights and handling of public affairs in Saudi. Walid Abu Alkheir addressed human rights violations on internet forums.
IFEX mentioned quoting from the blogger Ahmed Omran that this is the forst Saudi attack against twitter pages. IFEX quoted from ROB that freedom of press is not even there in Saudi.

China in Sudan : Nature destruction and Arming Tyrants


Abd AlAzim Mohamed Ahmed



is a leader country in environmental pollution. 16 Chinese cities top listed
the 20 most polluted cities. Chinese rivers are the most polluted after the
industrial thrust. China is targeting a higher rate of production on the
expense of rivers full of chemical and industrial waste and not considering the
destructive effect on the environment in general and on the botanical and anima
cover and finally the human being , the target and means of every development

Anwar Dafee Allah In A Video : Bashir , We Will Never Forget.


Abd AlAzim Mohamed Ahmed


Dafee Allah, one of the bloggers who use video bogs to express their political
opinion or other. Such bloggers are rare in Sudan, anwar is the most persistent
and famous. He published some video blogs that were intensively viewed. One of
those video
was about the last crisis of the Sudanese Banks. He compared the
flexibility of the loan takers –bank robbers- who do not pay back the billions
that they took and wondered why would the government mention it would publish
their names as if this was the worst possible punishment.

this to executing three citizens accused of possessing "Dollars" in
1990 . A few dollars in their pockets killed them. The dollars were their own
money , they did not take loans or rob banks with government consent

Man Is A Worthless Heap In The Crazy Arms Race


What does a human being
represent in an autocratic society such as the Syrian? What is the citizen
significance to the Syrian regime compared to the obsession of this
regime to put its foot in the region and prove itself a major power
in the region trough this crazy arms race and coaxing with Iran.