Translations and roundups

Abd Al Majid Saleh : Darfur activist Kidnapped




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Tunisia : Arabic Pinochet terrorizes his opponents




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SOS from Khartoum


Abd Al Azim Mohamend Ahmed


Heavy non stopping  rain has caused
great damage in many places in Khartoum. Many victims, casualties and
many houses have been ruined as well as high water wells. Yesterday
it rained steadily for 5 hours. Water pools all over districts and squares.
This is  a result of the failing state authority to acquire proper
water draining gear and system though all autumn forecasts suggested
a highly rainy summer. But our government loves surprises  and
loves being surprised.

Detention of Bahrain Human Rights Institute Manage


    The strugglers for human rights in
    the Arab region suffer dramatically in their relation with the ruling
    regime and especially the security authority. They suffer from persecuting
    and many violations that vary from travel ban and stopping at airports,
    to arresting and torturing that can risk their lives. However this did
    not stop activists from playing their role in supporting torture victims,
    political detainees and prisoners of conscience.

    What happened in Bahrain is aclear
    evidence, Ramadan forums stated that the Bahraini security forces arrested
    Nabil Ragab, Bahrain human rights institute manager in demonstration
    in support of the Bahraini prisoner in Saudi, Abd Al Rahim Al Marbati.

Halayeb is Sudanese, Dear Election Committee


Abd Al Azim Mohamed


The triangle of Halayeb is a hot topic
in the public Sudanese forums . Bashir regime completely overlooks the
issue , however it is on internet Sudanese forums. All forums discuss
the appeal submitted by all tribe leaders in Halayeb as well as Sudanese
MPs to the election commission requesting to include Halyeb citizens
as Sudanese voters. Halayeb triangle has been dropped from the geographical
election zones according to the last census.

The Sudanese leaders proposed 2 solutions 
, the first is to assign a geographical zone for Halayeb in the Federal
parliament and the second is to add Haleyeb population count to Usif
to complete the required count for a geographical zone and appenn the
extra count to north Port Sudan .

The tribal leaders , namely Bashari leader,
Dow Ahmed Karar considered that Halayeb people not taking part in 
the elections is wasting their rights and wasting the case pending from
1985 in the ICJ, Lahaye. The appeal was signed by 10 leaders of the
region among whom was Eissa AlHassan Karab , the former member of the
national council.  

If You Know His Number , Hit It – Comic Play


Abd Al Azim Mohamed


The writer Al Fateh Gabra has a distinguished
style in dealing with public worries and problems and in criticizing
the government performance

I selected this play of his titled "
Wali's number"

(The Wali is the governor is Sudan)

The play is about a Wali who was hired
years ago. Lately, he was called to meet this important state man meaning
there is something serious . the play is written in colloquial Sudanese

State man : hey Wali , there is no way
we are going to expel you , should we do this , it will be a short break
for you and then we will relocate you elsewhere. By all means you are
in charge of something in the state. So it is better to fix things up
instead of going in circles.

Wali : things like what ?

Iraqi Reporters Intifada



Most Arab reporters suffer a lot in information
gathering and access. They are deprived of criticizing government freely
and disclosing facts to the public which is the press duty.

This suffering is always there in autocratic
strong regimes yet it is even harder in Iraq where there is a transitional
state since the American invasion. Since then the Iraqi reporters are
exposed to so many violations that risk their lives at times not to
mention the right to work in a safe working environment. An optimistic
atmosphere prevailed after the last elections, the reporters hoped for
a stable clear relation between the elected government and them. the
reporters were hoping to deal with a state of some form.

Cairo without buses

 Mohamed Khaled23/8/2009Mubarak visit to the US was dominating the news in all Egyptian media. All meetings , talks with Obama and the Zionist Lobby were extensively covered.

A Memorandum from the coalition of Sudanese national powers.

 22/8/2009The coalition of Sudanese national powers issued a memorandum to the chief of election commission Moulana Abil Albert. A copy was sent to the Sudanese police chief and to the board of parties registry. The memorandum is about restricting freedoms and the governmental threats to free elections. The memorandum was published on the Sudanese bloggers network. Dear Sirs,The role of the national powers and political parties in the general elections and to found the democratic practice is becoming more and more clear especially at a time where preparing for elections that did not run in 20 years. 

Tunisia : Overthrowing The Legitimate Reporter Union.



All countries dominated by dictatorships
consider unions and syndicates as governmental bodies that follow the
ruler. Dictator regimes make all efforts to control unions and make
sure they follow government policies, otherwise it is the inevitable
confrontation with the dictator power and the union should know the

Islamists preach against communist party


Abd Al Azim Ahmed.


Internet forums and Sudanese blogs commented
on the escalating measure taken by Islamists, lead by Mohamed Abd Al
Karim preacher of Al Jarif mosque of the 2nd alley. Abd Al
Karim made a very aggressive discourse against the communist party office
in the neighborhood , west of Khartoum.

He said it the office was a shrine for
atheism, vice and immorality.

Abd Al Karim , a religiously insane fanatic,
stirred the people not to allow this party office , saying the having
a communist part office is a disaster.

Sudan : Tactical Relocation Or A New Conflict?


Abd Al Azim Mohamed


Is it a tactical change in positions
or a reflection of a new conflict in AlBashir party? 

This step by Bashir  to relocate
the powerful intelligence man , Salah Abd Allah ,Koash, as a presidential
counselor has risen a lot of questions. This man is the only man able
to overthrow Bashir yet he was his main supporter against the international
trial and the one who threatened political opponents of dismemberment.

In his support speech he said,"
we gathered, sir, to tell them no slavery, no occupation, no mandating,
no interference in our affairs. This is what we want and this is what
we will keep . We are here to tell them that destinies of nations is
not a to be played with.

Egyptian Fishermen Worriers Liberate Themselves.


Mohamed Khaled


The 6th of April
movement started a new campaign, with the motto " Wastetak Masreyetak" ( being Egyptian is your only
means) aiming to improve the living conditions of the Egyptians and
facing corruption in all district administrations and attempting to
help people claim their rights.

As a start in Ein Shams district,
they managed to convince people to make a marsh to the district office
and made the manager give orders to clear the garbage off the streets.
Their second move will be in Shubra Al Kheima and AlKhosus to do the

Heba Nagiub : Struggling Against Stereotypes in Two Patriarchal Societies.



What is expected of a college girl living
on the border of 2 societies

One unbearably patriarchal backward and
shamefully humiliating to women and the other is less backward but a
hypocrite society that claims respecting all rights and on the other
hand creates the atmosphere that readily wastes all those rights and
violates individual all privacies and desires. In such societies, an
individual whether male or female guarantees success if only they 
are an extension of the father who is undoubtedly wiser and a role model.
This applies mostly to men rather than women who are brought up to be

The struggle of Heba , 27 years , resident
in Saudi , " the worst place for women ever" as she says,
is a typical struggle against both Saudi and Egyptian societies' crude
Patriarchy and down look on women.

Stack Overflow! Too Many Violations Encountered!!


Victims Tally Adds Up, Organizations
Condemn And Interests Shut Up

Salem Al Towaih


In July 2009 , the frequency of violating
of human rights has increased in Saudi , a frequency that was never
low at any time. The cruel practices continue to limit freedoms, chase
activists, black mail and jail them. Several state institutes are taking
part in oppressing and terrorizing Saudi citizens turning them into
frightened, choked and tense people.

In such atmosphere, the sound of unfairness
and atrocity becomes quite deafening.

Lately , the activist Walid Abu Al Kheir
was exposed to a cruel crackdown campaign by the home office to make
him let go on orchestrating the government oppressive practices against
callers of reform. It is a double standard state, one wing pretends
to support human rights, the other smothers those rights.