Translations and roundups

Poll : 62% see that all police encroachments are justified by the home office.


Mohamed Khaled


In an unexpected decision , the association
for organizing communications issued a decision to lower the bandwidth
for clients who exceed a certain download quota, naming it " the
fair use policy" .Internet users launched campaigns on the internet
against this decision and more than a protest stand was held.

The internet users won the battle; Tarek
Kamel , the Egyptian communications minister announced that internet
users rights are reserved and their contracts are respected. He continued
that the new decision is a "pilot" decision to be applied
for two months on new clients. He added, "The policy of the ministry
aims to promote the internet services in the local market and guarantee
their availability and this is a steady policy." This declaration
came after a series of protest stands and internet boycott threats.

Moslem Brothers And Women : All For A Good Fight.


Jordan 15/8/2009

Despite all scientific and technical
leaps of human race, and the revolutionary progress of the internet
and satellite communications connecting the earth end-to- end, the Arabic
region is still dwelling with curtains drawn in an environment hostile
to every social development attempt, insisting on isolation and falling

The fundamentalist group made use of
both the oppressive atmosphere and the internet and satellite communications
in creating an atmosphere hostile to creativity and women, Moslem brothers
are not an exception though they define themselves as "modern fundamentalists",
yet their practices are all the opposite.

We Do Not Want To Talk To You In The First Place


Mohamed Khaled


It is really weird why Gamal Mubarak
want to open a dialogue with Egyptian youth 

He knows quiet well he has not publicity
especially between youth.

All Egyptians resent him and his business
men friends who are dominating Egypt's wealth. The whole bunch is also
what is called policies committee of the national democratic party.
It is not national and it is not democratic.

He is always wearing elegant suits ,
pictured with elegant young men –of the party- as if all Egyptians
wear suits all the time when most young men cannot afford a decent meal.

We are talking different languages.

It is just absurd and a waste of time.

And a lousy trial to reach out to people
who already hate him. 

I bet he has no answer to any of the
questions directed to him.

Resenting The Organized Attack Against Al-Jazeera Channel and Qatar


Said Benjebli

In a statement issued on 6/8/2009, Reporters without Borders accused the Tunisian authorities of orchestrating Al-Jazeera channel via pro-government media of all kinds after the Tunisian government has failed in taming the Qatari channel and all efforts aiming to change its editorial policy towards the political and human rights status in Tunisia were not successful. The statement accused the Tunisian government of planning this campaign against the channel and the Qatari princes who finance it , saying that the real reason behind the attack on Al-Jazeera is to try to silence all criticizing voices now that the public and presidential elections are close and Ben Ali is dying for a fifth reelection and a compliant parliament .

Prejudiced Accusations to diverse attention from disastrous situations

The Other Side Of Egypt- Horror Figures


I tried to stop myself from commenting
on the unbelievable figures that I spent a while in gathering from papers
and official reports.

These figures reflect that Ahmed Ezz
, Ali Eldin Helal and other government VIPs are living in another Egypt
or it is possible we common Egyptians cannot enjoy or appreciate the
generosity of our  wise government , we are super frustrated to
see the brilliant accomplishments of the new thought, a thought incapable
of securing a sip of healthy drinking water and a bite of a non polluted

Dear friend and reader , please take
the trouble and look for any bright side , after I took the pain of
listing all dark sides. I hope these figures will answer to Ahmed Ezz
and Co. of the national party about the chronic nagging on the 30 years
of accomplishments of this chronic regime.

Egyptian Police- Tear Laughing Tragic Comedy

Egyptian Police- Tear Laughing Tragic

Mohamed Khaled


Heba Naguib…an Egyptian young lady,
27 years old, is detained by her father with the help of the Saudi patron(Kafil)
and the normally blind eye of the Egyptian embassy Riyadh. She could
not return to Egypt. Her issue popped up after Egyptian bloggers and
activists started a campaign to support her as in the blog Mabadali
and Nora Younis.

Sit-ins and strikes are all over Egypt,
post clerks requests to level with exchanges clerk are not yet settled.
Abu AlSebbaa fabric mill, complying with Quiz agreement and exporting
to Israel is at unrest as two workers were arrested accused of inciting

Birth of the 9% movement in the 10th crowning of Mohamed VI

Public surveys Banned and Friendly Fire hits Ben Shamsi

Said Benjebli


The King Above Surveys

The ministry of interior confiscated nearly 100,000 copies of  Telle Qu'elle  and Nichane weeklies. The copies were completely destroyed in a 24 hour mission at the print house. This was because both magazines , in a joint project with Le Monde, have published a survey about the king's performance on his 10th crowning. The survey showed that 91% if the Moroccans think the king's performance is satisfactory or very satisfactory which was not accepted in principle by the authorities regardless its satisfactory results as "the Moroccan monarchy is not as debatable issue or even a query issue", as stated by Khaled Nasri , Moroccan minister of communications. Nasri threatened to ban any newspaper who would publish the survey pointing to Le Monde which was intending to publish the survey on 4/8/2009.

Morrocans Women Against Bikini Dress Code At Public Pools


Said Benjebli


Some Moroccans called for boycotting Aqua park and other water parks as the administration specified bikini as a dress code for women. The administration ignored the refusal of this decision by both human rights organizations and Islamists.

The blogger Zakaria Alrmaidy commented : " why go to aqua park in Marrakech or the water parks in Casa Blanca which imposed such a rule?

The water parks administrations do not allow  women to use the pools or water ski unless they wear a bikini . Whether veiled or not , women resented this decision , that surprised them with no notice .Those who would not wear a bikini are left with only one choice , to take a seat in the sun after they had paid the expensive entry ticket to the water park.

This Is The Attitude Of People In My Country



Mohamed Khaled


The government is
not the only pain in our necks

The government is
not the  only freedom stealer

The government is
not the only choker in our lives

Not only the government

People are becoming
more and more like the government

No trace of tolerance
to be seen

A Palestinian Massacre in UAE



"We, Palestinians are doomed to
strife. Ever since we existed, all we can do is thank God for what He
brings upon us". This comment was posted on Nahr Al Bared
forum by a Palestinian expressing his opinion about what is happening
to Palestinians in UAE these days.

Amnesty Report Condemns Saudi Regime





Tunisia Is Choking with Oppression and Harassments.

 Said Benjebli


The case of Manjami Base pops again on the surface after an appeal sent from international organizations  to the Tunisian president requesting immediate and unconditioned release of all reporters, activists, union members and demonstrators detained after the protest marches in Manjami ,Qafsa governorate, 350 km south Tunisia ,in the first half of 2008.

All organizations signing the appeal , Amnesty international, MARSAD, Anti - Torture int'l. organization , Euro- Mediterranean organization for human rights stressed on the necessity of conducting a fair and independent investigation in all torture and ill treatment complaints of the detainees and that the doers must be judged and the victims of torture compensated.

As per Qods press , the appeal requested the disclosure of the incidents of killing 2 demonstrators and that those who are responsible must be put to trial for excessive use of force.

Etisalat UAE Spies On Blackberry Users





UAE Telecom company , Etisalat, refused
to comment on a software update sent to Blackberry users , which Blackberry
declared it is an unlicensed surveillance program.

Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM) , a Canadian
corp., declared on 22\7\2009 that the software update sent by Etisalat
UAE is not a Blackberry update.

Etisalat has sent text SMS to blackberry
users clients, requesting them to install a program it promised will
boost performance but it led to fast discharge of the phone battery.

Blackberry stated that according to RIM,
this program is not an update and is not approved by RIM. The manufacturing
company added that that RIM did not develop this s/w patch, or was a
part in testing, marketing, or distributing it.

Etisalat refused to respond to a call
from Reuters.

Sudan Or Taliban : Crackdown Campaign On Sudanese Female Reporters.


Abd Al Azim Mohamed


 It seems like an
organized campaign against Sudanese women generally and reporters specifically
is been carried out. This attitude of Al Basheer regime police authority
is hard to justify. Before the storm of Lubna Al Hussein calmed down
,accused of violating article #152 of the criminal law by wearing trousers,
the stir up is again on all Sudanese papers and blogs against the police
who reported Amal Habani, a female reporter who is supporting Lubna
in her column "Tiny Issues" in Ajras Al Horreya  , Bells
of freedom paper.

Amal was questioned by
the publications and press prosecution on 20\7\2009 on the report filed
against her by the public discipline police. As the police is pursuing
female reporters , Abd Al Rahman Khedr , Khartoum governor , declared
," the criminal law and all the laws of the North are based on
the Islamic law. The state is serious and honest about implementing
it . The police in the North is applying the law , yet the South applies
different laws as per the peace treaty".

The National Day For Solidarity With Amahzoon Atrocities Victims

The National Day For Solidarity With Amahzoon Atrocities Victims

Legal tracking down of Edris Shehtan editor of Al Michaal and Al Mustafa Al Adary manager of human rights organization in Khneifera

Said Benjebli


On 21/7/299, two protest stands were held in Morocco. The first was at the court of first instance at Ain Al Sabee, where the 3rd trial session for Edris Shehtan and AL Mustafa Al Adary took place . the second was at the evening at the ministry of justice in Rabat.

The Moroccan human rights organization called for 21/7/2009 as the national day for solidarity with atrocities victims.