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Will Israel pay for Babel ?




Ibrahim Zidan


Iraqi MPs are working
on a legislation to enable the government to claim compensation form
Israel for raiding the Iraqi reactor Tammouz in 1981 in
the hostile aggressive operation called Babel. The Security council
, after 12 days of the raid, in the session 2288 condemned this offense
in its decision #487. Some MPs called on international law houses to
open this file once more in the UN.

The criminal offense
started on 6:15 pm on 7\6\1981 , the radio emission was cut in Baghdad
for 15 minutes. Iraq was at war with Iran , it was believed that the
Iranian air force executed this shelling . The general command of the
Iraqi forces declared that there was
an aerial shelling on one of its sites. A few days later, Israel announced
its air forces executed the shelling of Tammouz reactor.

May God help you Egyptians!



Salah Owdat Allah –Jerusalem


It is very hard to live in your homeland
unappreciated and persecuted, deprived of enjoying your homeland wealth
, knowing that enjoying all the riches and the pleasures of life is
monopolized by a minority that would not mind at all  starving
others to death.

We all heard and heard of the murder
of Susan Tamim, the Lebanese actress. Her case became a headline for
Arab papers for a long time . Western press also was interested in the
case as well. Hisham Talaat Mustafa and Mohsen Sokkary, the defendants, 
were sentenced to death convicted of Susan Tamim's murder.

Hisham is an MP as well as a member
in Shoura Council ,a well known business man and a leader in the Egyptian
ruling party.

Renaissance day – celebrated by Omani bloggers




University Professor Behind Bars For Spreading Rumors On Facebook.

Said Benjebli 


Angry reactions  in number condemn the cruel court order of imprisoning the university professor and Tunisian activist Khadija Arfawi for 8 months ruled on 4\7\2009. Khadija was accused of spreading rumors that would disturb public order according to article 49 of the press code.

Khadija , leader "Tunisian women for research and development " republished information on Facebook about kidnapping little children in Tunisia.  Khadija has published this information –she received on her email- in the context of a wide spread talk in the Tunisian street and media about an international network for human organs trade last May. The minister of interior refuted such news in a press conference.

Upon this official declaration,  the accusation of Khadija was in all papers and her trial day as well.

Another Round Against Site Screening, Rather Unsuccessful.

Said Ben Jabaly


Tunisian bloggers and activists ended their campaign against banning and screening internet sites which lasted for a whole week. Tunisian government would screen opposition sites or bloggers sites publishing unfavorable information about human rights or social affairs in Tunisia.

The campaign was launched on 1\7\2009 under the slogan " Free of 404" . 404 is the error code appearing upon attempting to browse a screened site, where the famous message would appear " Error #404, not found". 

Bloggers and internet users contributing to the campaign published an image on a blank page. Others started a sarcastic campaign on "Ammar" the fictitious censor. Such campaigns have become a frequent trend for Tunisian bloggers to condemn government practices targeting to limit web publications in what is known as Tunisian Blog Day or Tunisia White Blogs.  

Arab Woman shocking Affairs – Sudan as an Example



Social and human Affairs of citizens of this area known as the Arab world is getting appallingly from bad to worse at an accelerated rate. Women's living and work conditions are even worse. Considering the animosity of the Arabic regimes to press as a tool of freedom of expression, we can imagine what a female reporter can go through in these countries.

In Sudan particularly  where the general discipline law –as described by ANHRI and RNW site- is one of the most discriminating laws against women as it violates basic frredoms.

Verdict Hammers Down Press Freedom




 Press and reporters  are suffering  severe restrictions, harassment and extreme hostility from some regimes all over the world. This is exceptionally evident in the 3rd world and in the Arab countries that are plagued with illegitimate regimes and governments. These regimes consider disclosure and transparency their first enemy. This makes press and reporters the first target to oppressive stances of these regimes.

A subjugated Emirati citizen mentioned that the supreme federal court ruled an order to ban "Al-Emarat" daily paper for 20 days to be implemented shortly. A libel and defaming case was fild against the paper from the owners of Warsan stables' lawyers. The lawyer of the paper refrained from commenting on the verdict.

Libya : Freedom of Expression Choking



Reporting on the condition of freedom of expression in Libya in 2009, will not make things any better than previous years.

Now , the first half of 2009 has passed , things are moving from bad to worse. This is not a presumption , but rather a clear image to an ordinary observer. Pin pointing the following incidents

9th July, Deadline to Dilemma



Abd Al Azim Mohamed

Opposition in Sudan is escalating stances against Bashir . in this context the Sudanese communist party issued an important statement to the public.


"Today,  the 9th July 2009, the national unity government loses its legitimacy as per the constitution articles 216, 55a, 55b, due to the deliberate delay in holding the elections on due date. The party declares hereby that on that date that Sudan is in a complete political crisis. This is not surprising and was expected due to the circumstances since signing Nefasha treaty in 9\1\2005.

Press Statement from Libyan opposition

Press Statement from Libyan opposition


Abd Al Azeem Mohamed

Libya al-mostakbal site published a press statement declaring that
the follow up office of the national opposition congress has held a
joint meeting with the executive committee of the congress on 5\7\2009

At the beginning , recent reports were
reviewed briefing and evaluating local current events as well as all
political , media, financial and organizational activities of the congress.

The attendees expressed their relief
for all what is happening in Libya; marshes and protests reacting to
Bu- Selim prison massacre. Martyrs kin insisted on their fair demands
and totally rejected Gaddafi bargains and his endless trials to hide
his crime, deny it and conceal the doers.

Bashir Government Proven Unconstitutional

Abd Al-Azim Mohamed Ahmed


The current government in Sudan
is unconstitutional. This is not an old statement due to the overthrow
of 1989.It is a fresh conclusion as per the transitional constitution
currently implemented. The statement is tuning into a political and
legal opposing slogan .

Constitutional and legal reasoning
is in this legal memorandum by the eminent lawyer and leader of the
Democratic Union party:

"The legitimacy of the
current government in Sudan totally depends on the peace treaty signed
9\1\2005. Items of this treaty became constitutional stipulations in
the transitional constitution of 2005. Legitimacy source has moved from
the treaty to being a prevailing constitution committing to the whole

Facing The Ugly Past.

Abd Al-Azim Mohamed Ahmed


Since signing the peace treaty in 2005,
, activists and bloggers  called for holding accountable doers
of crimes of the past and opening the file of government crimes in Sudan.

Since 1989, Sudan has been suffering
a brutally escalated systematic rate of violating human rights. Files
of those violations are completely overlooked in the prevailing 
political and legal discourse in Sudan.

The Sudanese government like all other
governments in the subjugated Arab world is very clever at  the
art of overlooking and ignoring major issues and burying facts. The
government and its partner are surprisingly overlooking national reconciliation
and crime of the regime before the transitional stage.

Coming Elections …Odds and New Tracks

Coming Elections …Odds
and New Tracks

Abd Al-Azim Mohamed

Though the general elections
in Sudan will take place in April 2010, there are some political events
that may threat a smooth approach to this date, following the track
of the peace treaty in 2005.

Sadik Al-Mahdy, prime
minister of the last elected government  before Al-Bashir coup
d'etat  has got some threads in his hands ; Al-Oumah" party
has signed an agreement with "Al- Adl w Al-Mosawah " armed
movement in Cairo . This is what al-Bashir  considered a hostile
movement against Sudan , as this armed movement has taken over Om-Dorman
several years ago and Al-Bashir is still unable to knock it down.

Another agreement took
place in Cairo , Al-Oumah" party and "Irada Hurra" movement.
We can conclude that  Al Mahdy is leading some movements aiming
to reject the recent census upon which  constituencies

His majesty , Gaddafi, knocks out Moroccan papers.

Said Benjebli, 4\7\2009

Moroccan papers are facing bankruptcy nose down after the court orders enormous fines, convicting the papers of "harming the character and dignity of the Head of State".

The court of first instance of in Casa Blanca ruled fining sentences for 3 Moroccan papers, Al-Masaa, Al-Jarida Al-Oula and Al-Ahdath Al-Maghrebia , with a total of $373,000 for Libya after publishing articles criticizing Gaddafi. The court also fined 5 of the 3 papers' staff ,MD100,000 ($12,000) for each person.