Palestine : militias muzzle singers


Alaa Kamal

“The worst ordeals make you laugh” such as a leading Arab proverb the applies to the already bad situation that is worsening in the Gaza Strip,
as though the heroes of the militias found a viable solution to the tragedy of Palestine, forcing Israel to recognize the historic right of the Palestinian people, freeing Palestinian prisoners and returned millions of refugees to their land and homes. After the completion of all they indulged in building the Kingdom of God on earth by force, enforcing “halal” and “haram”, what should be done, and what should not.
This month according to reports of Mizan center for human mights and SKEYES center for the defense of cultural freedom and the media in two separate incidents, unknowns abducted two folk singers abused them, beating and seizing their money and their own phones before stranding them on the road.
According to the investigations Mizan center , a number of militants kidnapped the singer Khaled Mahmoud Faraj (28 years) at 11:45 pm on Monday, 19/10/2009. After the wedding of a member of “Labad” family was about to end, the singer Khaled Mahmoud Farag singer (28 years), and his band put their gear in a yellow 'Volkswagen' van.
Having boarded the bus and they were about to drive , a vehicle stopped them having five masked gunmen, carrying 'Kalashnikov', one them asked “where is Khalid Faraj?”
, Faraj replied so they forced him in their car and put him in the back seat.
They covered his head with a bag and ordered him to keep his head down, then hit them on the head with a solid object. Following them on foot was his brother, Alaa,
After about two minutes the car stopped, where the singer was grabbed to the street and severely beaten.According to the testimony of the victim, After about five minutes, the gunmen fled when patrol vehicle showed with Alaa in it. The police officer took up arms against militants who had left Khaled and fled the scene . Khaled was moved to Shifa Hospital to receive treatment.
In a separate incident, masked gunmen kidnapped six, riding in a car of type 'Volkswagen' white black glass, at about 23:00 pm on Wednesday, 14/10/2009, singer and musician:
Salah Mohammed Jamil Qishawi, aged (39 years),
and his son Nur al-Din, old (8 years),
Mahmoud Al-Khawaja 'Sharif', old (33 years),and Mohammed Abu Laila, (35 years).
the kidnapping happened immediately after concert Ohiwa family Hassouna, in a street tunnel, in Gaza City. Gunmen and beat them severely, and took on the amount of '600 'shekels, and the mobile phone of Kichaoui, before leaving them citrus at a farm o the same street.
People found them after hearing the screams of help and the child Noureddine was taken to Shifa Hospital in Gaza. Medical sources reported they were suffering from cuts and bruises in the limbs and other parts of their bodies. Qishawi said, ' the gunmen were dressed in full military gear, and said while beating him: "O infidel, and told the child: Do not sing singing is a sin '. This child is suffering from psychological condition as a result of seeing the gunmen beat his father in front of his eyes.
Fatahawy forum accused Hamas gunmen of attackinr the singer Khaled from Gaza City Witnesses said that Hamas gunmen severely beat the young singer,as he was returning home after the wedding and stole his cell phone and money.
The local sources declared that the young singer in a difficult situation and was put in intensive care unit at Shifa Hospital in Gaza City.
Kulaikula forum pointed to that militias of Hamas have asked the Khaled to stop singing after the coup as he used to sing revolutionary songs and songs pro"Fateh" movement. He was shot one in his leg by Hamas militias .
Forums said that Khaled is popular for singing Palestinian heritage and revolutionary songs, in addition to his songs. Hamas would not allow any voice calling for unity, and prohibits to revolutionary songs.
. And on Aloqasawi forum , a comment read :”Khaled was attacked by bats of the dark looted his pockets and his mobile phone and left him bleeding in pain. This is the price of singing in the their dark province . Physical violence, verbal violence , slander ,insult , cursing, blasphemy are their weapons against all songs.
All songs are sins , forbidden and prohibited "Do you know why because it is resistance without fire and gunpowder. Khaled would only sing national Palestinian Arab tunes that move stone , but the sad thing is that the powerful men in Gaza have dried up feelings, they would pursue Khlaed because he is spreading the culture of life!.No one in the Hamas movement issued any statement, to denounce the incident, only silence is heard in the province of darkness.
Mizan Center for Human Rights expressed strong condemnation of the attack on the singers, it is deeply concerned about renewed attacks that undermine the personal and public freedoms of the citizens. The Center stresses that the government in Gaza would take full responsibility for respect of law and to ensure individual freedom, security and safety.
The statement requested to open a serious investigation into incidents and to ensure referral of those involved two to justice.
the Center emphasizes the paramount importance to identify those behind such attacks quickly and effectively, pursuant of the government on its legal obligations to ensure the life and security and welfare of citizens.
SKEYES Center also condemned the assault on the Palestinian artists in the Gaza Strip. this cruel practice is escalating in rate and by "armed and masked" to spresd more terror in the hearts of others, demanding the security services in the sector to work seriously and rapidly to stop the programmed attacks.
Especially since the attacks took place in a the same area , one specific and well-known and on the highway, in front of witnesses, and with physical evidence and many facts helping to expose the offenders ,bringing them to justice and holding the accountable, in an event demanding a serious investigation.
The center is deeply concerned about the future of personal and public freedoms in Gaza, as restrictions on cultural and artistic life are increasing . An example, is preventing the women's participation in the recitals of Dabka dance , a popular folkloric dance , presented on public theaters, and forcing the dancing group managers to sign to exclude women dancers.