Human rights organizations in Egypt stands in solidarity with intellectuals Qimni Syed Hassan Hanafi and file cases against reli

Ebtsam Ta’alab
Egypt witnesses full solidarity of civil society institutions, in support of freedom of opinion and expression with the great thinkers Hassan Hanafi and Sayed  Qemani regarding that they are exposed to an attack from   Sheikh Yusuf AlBadri. AlBadri filed a law suit requesting the minister of culture  to withdraw the State Merit Prize from both.  ALBadri claimed that "through their works,  articles and their speeches they attacked Islam  provisions and symbols and insulted the Muslim faith."
 The human rights organizations, which joined the "support of the intellectuals" campaign to defend the right of creators in scientific research and freedom of expression , with an emphasis on the seriousness of “Hesba “ cases on freedom of thought and freedom of expression in Egypt.
The campaign stressed on recognition that the forum to discuss of ideas and visions, should not be the law court and that resort to the courts to settle intellectual disputes is an attempt to muzzle the mouths and blackout minds.
The lawsuit filed by Badri against Qimni and Hanafi, was held on 3/11/2009 and the Administrative Judiciary Court deferred it 19/1/2010 to give the lawyers and human rights organizations a chance for legal intervention .
Human rights organizations stressed that such actions are taken by fame seekers who did not read any books or studies of the scholars they are perusing in court.
this was not the first attack on on the freedom of scientific research and the right to creativity. The same person “AlBadri" got ,in Aril 2008, a ruling from the administrative court to temporarily suspend granting the poet Helmy Salem State's Award for Excellence in Literature because the poet has published in early 2007, a poem entitled (Layla Murad's Balcony) in the Egyptian “Ibdaa” Journal and AlBadry claims some of its verses are offensive to God.divine.
Azhar Scholars Front in 8/8/2009 issued a press release which said, "The minister did what he wishes in the religion of the nation by virtue of his passion. He bestows what is left of state funds, racked by crises, on his followers and apostates friends and gives them state awards “
Qemani  has already been life threatened  as a result of “Fatwas” of some  hard-line Islamic organizations declaring his blasphemy  especially after confiscating his book "the god of time" by the Islamic Research Academy of Al-Azhar to and prosecuting , despite the investigation  was concluded in favor of  Qimni.