NDP , A Promise Fulfilled

Alaa Kamal
As usual, the NDP's speech in the annual conference held in 30/10/2009 – 1/11/2009, held a hostile and threatening tone to the opposition parties. The speech pointed out that opposition is lying shamelessly to distort NDP’s accomplishments and especially the striking economical growth , reduction of unemployment and job opportunities. The speech listed the  achievements of human rights and political freedoms with strict promises  developing  and deepening them  to an unprecedented  limit in Egypt, but only under Mubarak, Mubarak junior and associates
As he wrote, the pro government   journalist , Samir Ragab, on the promises of President Mubarak's his book  “ A promise Fulfilled “ .We have say that the National Party fulfilled its promise, and there was  no time wasted  between words and deeds, the state security and National Party, which fully delivered the message, as  the  blogs mostafa.net, sons of Egypt and strangely the business forum and twitter, arrested three of the “6th  April Youth” Movement : Mohamed Adel Amr Osama ,bloggers and  Amr Ezz  last night 4/11/2009 without charge .. Security agents beat and insult members of the group down town  in Cairo  and took them to Azbakia police station  to be prosecuted on 5/11/2009. Sources  said they were  writing “ No for succession “ on the walls.
The arrest comes a few days after the conference "Qilla Mondassa" held to counter  that of the National Party’s , in addition to the participation of movement in the coalition against the succession, which was inaugurated in opposition to the succession of Gamal Mubarak. It is worth mentioning that  Ayman Nour, founder of “Ghad” party and “Mayohkomshi”
Nour and Ihab El-Kholy, head of  Ghad Party, headed to the police  station  after the conference held in party premises , in an attempt to   release the three young men.
The April 6 movement issued a statement on its blog about this incident titled: "Gamal Mubarak starts  dialogue with the opposition by arrest and torture of three of the 6 April Youth" . It stated that:” in reaction to the success of the second conference of “Qilla Mondasa”  held by 6th  of April Youth to expose the lies of the National Party and in response to the insistence of the 6th  of April Youth to spread awareness  of the succession  plan, three members have been arrested three on 4/11/2009. Although the National Party controls all media from channels and to newspapers, and in spite of many publications promoting their conference all over Egypt, they could not accept the presence of another voice opposing to them trying to raise public awareness of the risk of misleading propaganda and exposes the false promises and offers alternative solutions for reform and change.
The statement stated that the frequent arrests, threats and repression would not stop the movement from carrying its mission in Egypt and would not stop resisting the succession project or the ruling of any of the  men of the National Party who have ruined Egypt’s economy .
The movement will not stand still while  the National Party is misleading,  deceiving , looting and oppressing the masses and will continue to resist by all peaceful means whatever it takes.
The 6th  of April Youth Movement requested of  all human rights organizations and activists in Egypt and in all over the world  to be in solidarity to stop the threats and arrests, and all repressive measures taken by the ruling party in Egypt and its military wing named  state security  service against members of the movement