The Tunisian Regime is an Example of Blatant Violation of rights and Freedoms

Alaa kamal
Preparing for presidential elections and having a long record of violations of rights and attacks on activists and antagonists, The Tunisian government launched its  campaign with some serious assaults against journalists and activists and jurists. The most featured victims of the campaign was the journalist and activist Zuhair Makhlouf , Tunisian Progressive Democratic party's candidate for elections year 2009.
As per “Al Fagr news” and ANHRI” ,the authorities arrested the Tunisian journalist and human rights activist, "Zuhair Makhlouf," correspondent of “Assabil  Online” on  20/10/2009 after he reported on the e-paper regarding environmental problems in the industrial city  "Nabeul".
The authorities him charged of "insulting others through the public telecommunications network". Arresting Makhlouf comes during the election campaign in a strong indication of the regime's desire to stop the Tunisian journalist who exposed the repeated violations of human rights and freedoms.
Makhlouf was assaulted several times as per the Tunisian Progressive Democratic Party and the blog zeroliberte. He was pursued by security as well as his family and colleagues. Between years 2007- 2009, security elements attacked his car, broke, the windscreen and ripped the tires. In 2008 , he received a life threat.
He was assaulted at Kelma radio , as it was sieged and his arm was broken. He was stopped from attending the concert of Marcel Khalifa in summer 2009. Makhouf filed two cases one against security elements and the other against the minister of interior Rafik AlHaj Kassem.
It is believed that Makhlouf legal audiovisual coverage during the past years about political prisoners and the death under torture, death due to medical negligence, and the Tunisian people sentiment during the war on Gaza as well as his reporting on the victims of the law of  10/12/2003 the so-called combating terrorism  was the  background to detain him and avenge his disclosures today.
Zuhair is in Almrnaq prison, although the Tunisian authorities deny he was there where “Assabil  Online” stated that his wife  failed to visit him because the prison administration denied his existence.
In solidarity with Mr. Zuhair several human rights organizations
•     AISPP
•     The National Council for freedoms –Tunisia
•    The international campaign for Human Rights – Tunisia
•     The Tunisian Observatory for Rights and Union Freedoms
•    Horreya Wa Insaf
•    The Tunisian National Watch For Freedom Of Press , Publication And Creation
•    The Tunisian Watch For Rights And Union Freedoms.
•    Al Wedadia for former worriers

issued a statement demanding the immediate release of Makhlouf, and considered that charging him with malicious fabrication by the political police is due to his human rights activities.

And condemned the way the political police approach to fabricate charges against the  human rights activists to gag them and put them behind bars. The statement called for stopping the farce unfair trial and to respect international conventions that were drafted for protecting activists and abandon once and for all these old new oppressive methods.